Seamless Top up Solutions

  • Multi-Channel Seamless top up via Credit/Debit Card, Pre-paid Instruments, Card on File, Bank Account or Cash
  • Secure Payment Environment to handle scale & high value top ups
  • Plug & Play Integration via Website, Mobile Web or App
  • One of the fastest top-up solutions in the market today

Seamless Payments

  • Location Agnostic, Cashless, Frictionless & Seamless Payment Solution
  • Applicability across industry segments – F&B, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Groceries, Automobiles, Educational nstitutions, Hospitals etc
  • Multi-channel seamless top up options via Credit/Debit Card, Stored Value Instruments, Card on File, Net Banking or Cash
  • NFC, QR Code (Dynamic / Static), Wearable, Biometric based payment solutions
  • Easy integration with merchant POS ecosystem
  • Highly Robust & Scalable Solution
  • Versatile solution to address Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) to Large Format Retailers (LFR)
  • Real-time Transactions & Notifications
  • Highly Secure cloud based technology
  • Easy integration with Website, Mobile Web or App

NLP Driven Smart Analytics

  • Add the wow experience layer to your digital assets
  • Interactive voice driven analytics tool
  • AI enabled self-learning tool
  • Powered by a robust real time analytics engine
  • Highly customizable & scalable

International Remittance

  • One of the fastest international remittance service across the globe
  • Integrate with your Mobile Wallet
  • Remit to one of the largest remittance network with over 150+ countries in a few click
  • Remit to bank, ewallet or cash-out locations to address recipient challenges
  • One of the most competitive rates globally
  • Flexible & customizable integrate based on relevant remittance corridors
  • Secure Mastercard Send remittance technology for safe end to end delivery

International Mobile Top-up

  • International telco bill payment from your mobile
  • Service available for over 160 Countries
  • Servicing over 650 telecom operators globally
  • Multi-currency handling capability
  • Real Time Payment Confirmation

Bill Splitting

  • Adding to your wallet app
  • Easiest Solution to split costs between multiple users
  • Split bill right from your phone anywhere, anytime
  • Real time debit & credit of funds
  • API based architecture for easy integration
  • Highly Secure Environment

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